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Nextcloud vs Slack System Properties Comparison

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Our visitors often compare Nextcloud and Slack with Google Workspace, ClickUp and Microsoft Project.

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SystemsNextcloud  Xexclude from comparisonSlack  Xexclude from comparison
DescriptionNextcloud is an open source collaboration and file sharing system, forked from ownCloud.Slack is a web-based platform for team communication.
CategoryProject CollaborationProject Collaboration
Project Management Zone Rankinginfomeasures the popularity of Project Management SystemsScore 20.80
Rank #41
Score 724.38
Rank #5
DeveloperNextcloudSlack Technologies
Technical documentationdocs.nextcloud.com
Social network pages
Initial release20162013
LicenseOpen SourceinfoAGPL v3
CommercialinfoNextcloud Enterprise
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Web-based architectureyesinfodesktop clients for Windows, OS X and Linuxyes
Programming languagePHP
Operating systemsLinux
Mobile appsAndroid
APIinfoApplication Programming InterfaceyesinfoRESTyesinfoHTTP RPC-style methods
Authentication mechanismPassword
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
Active Directory
RSS feeds
Desktop push
Mobile push
Project Collaboration Properties
Project wikinono
Discussion forumnoyes
Online chatyesyes
Audio conferencingyesinfovia Spreedbox integrationyes
Video conferencingyesinfovia Spreedbox integrationyes
Screen sharingyesinfovia Spreedbox integrationyes
Calendar sharingyesno
Contact sharingyesno
Document sharingyesyes
File versioningyesno

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