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Mattermost vs Nextcloud vs Zulip System Properties Comparison

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SystemsMattermost  Xexclude from comparisonNextcloud  Xexclude from comparisonZulip  Xexclude from comparison
DescriptionMattermost is an open source team collaboration platform.Nextcloud is an open source collaboration and file sharing system, forked from ownCloud.Zulip is an open-source web-based platform for team communication.
CategoryProject CollaborationProject CollaborationProject Collaboration
Project Management Zone Rankinginfomeasures the popularity of Project Management SystemsScore 8.20
Rank #78
Score 18.67
Rank #42
Score 3.13
Rank #157
DeveloperMattermostNextcloudKandra Labs
Technical documentationdocs.mattermost.comdocs.nextcloud.comzulip.readthedocs.io/­en/­latest
Social network pages
Initial release201520162012
LicenseOpen SourceinfoMIT License
Open SourceinfoAGPL v3
CommercialinfoNextcloud Enterprise
Open Source
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Web-based architectureyesyesinfodesktop clients for Windows, OS X and Linuxyes
Programming languageGoPHPPython
Operating systemsLinuxLinuxLinux
Mobile appsAndroid
APIinfoApplication Programming InterfaceyesyesinfoRESTyesinfoREST
Authentication mechanismPassword
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
Active Directory
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
Active Directory
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
GitHub sign-on
Google sign-on
NotificationsDesktop push
Mobile push
RSS feeds
Desktop push
Mobile push
Project Collaboration Properties
Project wikinonono
Discussion forumyesinfodiscussion threadsnoyes
Online chatyesyesyes
Audio conferencingnoyesinfovia Spreedbox integrationyes
Video conferencingnoyesinfovia Spreedbox integrationyesinfoJitsi and Google Hangouts integration
Screen sharingnoyesinfovia Spreedbox integrationno
Calendar sharingnoyesno
Contact sharingnoyesno
Document sharingyesyesyes
File versioningnoyesno

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