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ITM Platform System Properties

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SystemITM Platform
DescriptionITM Platform is a web-based portfolio and project management tool.
CategoryProject Planning
Project Management Zone Rankinginfomeasures the popularity of Project Management SystemsScore 3.66
Rank #128
DeveloperIT Governance and Management
Social network pages
Initial release2012
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Web-based architectureyes
Operating systemsLinux
Mobile appsAndroid
APIinfoApplication Programming Interfaceyes
Authentication mechanismPassword
NotificationsInstant messaginginfoSlack
Mobile push
Project Planning Properties
Hierarchical tasksinfoSupport for parent-child relationships of tasksyes
Recurring tasksinfoSupport for definition of tasks that occur repeatedlyno
Milestone trackinginfoMilestones indicate the completion of major deliverables, normally by completing a set of tasksyes
Task dependenciesinfoDependencies between tasks are logical relationships that restrict the sequence of task executions, e.g. one task must be completed before another task can startyes
Critical path managementinfoThe critical path method calculates the set of tasks that cannot be delayed without increasing the project's duration, taking into account task dependenciesyes
Critical chain managementinfoThe critical chain method expands the critical path method by additionally taking resource constraints into accountno
Gantt chartsinfoBar chart to visualize a project's tasks and milestones scheduleyes
PERT chartsinfoNetwork diagrams according to Program Evaluation Review Techniqueno
BaselinesinfoSupport for creating and using snapshots of a project's plan in terms of cost, scope and schedule yes
Resource managementinfoSupport for managing a project's human and/or non-human resourcesyes
Resource levelinginfoSupport for optimizing the allocation of a project's resourcesnoinfomanual leveling is supported
Time trackinginfoSupport for estimating and monitoring the time spent on a project's tasksyes
Cost trackinginfoSupport for monitoring a project's expensesyes
Earned value managementinfoSupport for tracking a project's performance and progress via earned value measurementsyes
Risk managementinfoSupport for identifying and keeping track of project risks and risk-related activitiesyes
Scrum supportinfoSupport for typical Scrum techniques such as sprints, backlogs and burn-down chartsno
Kanban supportinfoSupport for typical Kanban techniques such as visualization of tasks on boards using cardsyes
Project portfolio management infoSupport for collectively managing a set of current or proposed projects, e.g. by evaluation and prioritization of projectsyes
More information provided by the system vendor
ITM Platform
Specific characteristics

ITM Platform is a practical and powerful project management software solution, and one you can use for portfolio management, projects programs, resources, and services. The platform is 100% scalable, which enables companies to manage projects, tasks, and employees as required. Portfolio management and strategic planning integrate with the daily operations of project management and online services, providing an effective mechanism to handle the planning and implementation of projects. ITM Platform is an ideal solution for managing online projects because of its usability, performance, scalability, and price.

Competitive advantages

ITM Platform is Project and Portfolio Management made easy. Manage agile and waterfall projects, prioritize what's best for your business, control project financials and use real-time information to report how projects are performing. ITM Platform connects your entire organization in a collaborative space that takes mere days to adopt.

Typical application scenarios

Agile portfolio prioritization
Problem: the company struggles a) to perform unbiased project selections, b) to comprehend all projects, initiatives and activities that are going on, and c) to make on-time decisions about projects that need to be killed because of their cost of opportunity.
Solution: ITM Platform provides with high-level prioritization methods as well as the tools to assess the health of the living portfolio. Thank to this, the company can prioritize based on the business’ actual objectives, monitor the portfolio and all the programs that are running under it, as well as drilling-down to the project and task level when needed.
Features: Strategic business alignment, portfolio management
Full PMO setup

Problem: the organization is growing and needs clarity. It is not a matter of one or two areas, since some are performing better than others; it’s about the combination of them all that is blocking visibility and inter-operability. As the company grows, the board decided it’s time to get themselves a PMO, so they promoted a manager to deal with the mission
Solution: our PMO manager chose ITM Platform as the tool because of its completeness but also because of its simplicity. In a matter of days, project programs  were already setup, the team signed-up and the resource management module already showing bottlenecks and under-assignments. The ERP was being fed with actual labor costs, estimates and procurement projections.
The features: Budget management, resources management, Kanban and Gantt, Clients and Providers, connectivity (API and out-of-the-box connectors)
Cost of portfolio management solutions
Problem: whereas there are plenty of project and collaboration solutions out there, portfolio and program management with outstanding project management solutions are rare, coming with a high cost of opportunity
Solution: ITM Platform can be deployed as in little time as in a week. From PMO managers and the C-Level directors to all the team members can learn and be productive within hours. The result is a completely effective and performing project-oriented organization in less than a month.
Features: Team collaboration, Teambot (both for email and Slack), clean function-oriented interface and an outstanding support service.


Key customers

- Loewe 

- Accord Hotels

- Elavon

- ProPay

- EHC Global

- Mac Millan

- Spire Healthcare

- Baumer

Licensing and pricing models

On-demand price

3rd party products and services

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Full-Time PAT Member Service Representative
American Heritage Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia, PA

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OceanFirst Bank, Toms River, NJ

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