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Citadel System Properties

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Editorial information provided by Project Management Zone
SystemCitadelinfoalso Citadel/UX to distinguish from its predecessor, Citadel BBS
DescriptionCitadel is an open source groupware platform
CategoryProject Collaboration
Project Management Zone Rankinginfomeasures the popularity of Project Management SystemsScore 0.00
Rank #299
DeveloperUncensored Communications Group
Technical documentationcitadel.org/­documentation.html
Initial release1988infoCitadel BBS
LicenseOpen SourceinfoGPL 3
Web-based architectureyes
Programming languageC
Operating systemsFreeBSD
Mobile appsno
APIinfoApplication Programming Interfaceyes
Authentication mechanismPassword
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
Active Directory
Project Collaboration Properties
Project wikiyes
Discussion forumyes
Online chatyes
Audio conferencingno
Video conferencingno
Screen sharingno
Calendar sharingyes
Contact sharingyes
Document sharingyes
File versioningno

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