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Bitrix24 vs eXo Platform vs IBM Notes vs Redbooth vs Rocket.Chat System Properties Comparison

Editorial information provided by Project Management Zone
SystemsBitrix24  Xexclude from comparisoneXo Platform  Xexclude from comparisonIBM Notesinfoformerly Lotus Notes  Xexclude from comparisonRedboothinfoformerly Teambox  Xexclude from comparisonRocket.Chat  Xexclude from comparison
DescriptionBitrix24 is a project management and collaboration system available as web-based service and as self-hosted tool.eXo Platform is a Java-based collaboration tool.IBM Notes is, in combination with IBM Domino, a collaborative client-server software platform.Redbooth is an online collaboration platform for team and task management. Rocket.Chat is an open source team collaboration platform.
CategoryProject Planning
Project Collaboration
Project CollaborationProject CollaborationProject Planning
Project Collaboration
Project Collaboration
Project Management Zone Rankinginfomeasures the popularity of Project Management SystemsScore 26.00
Rank #36
Score 13.18
Rank #49
Score 204.69
Rank #13
Score 12.85
Rank #51
Score 21.65
Rank #38
DeveloperBitrixeXo PlatformIBMRedboothRocket.Chat
Technical documentationhelpdesk.bitrix24.com/­documentation.phpinfoself-hosted versiondocs.exoplatform.orgsupport.redbooth.comrocket.chat/­docs
Social network pages
Initial release20122002198920082015
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Open SourceinfoLGPL
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Open SourceinfoMIT License
Web-based service (SaaS)infoSoftware-as-a-Service model
Web-based architectureyesyesnoinfoweb interface is availableyesyes
Programming languagePHPGroovy
Operating systemsHP-UX
Mobile appsAndroid
Windows Phone
APIinfoApplication Programming InterfaceyesyesinfoRESTyesyesyes
Authentication mechanismPassword
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocolinfoself-hosted version
NTLMinfoNT LAN Managerinfoself-hosted version
Active Directoryinfoself-hosted version
Facebook sign-on
Google sign-on
Microsoft sign-on
Twitter sign-on
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
CASinfoJA-SIG Central Authentication Service
Facebook sign-on
Google sign-on
LinkedIn sign-on
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
Active Directory
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocolinfoon­-premise version
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
Facebook sign-on
Google sign-on
Twitter sign-on
LDAPinfoLightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAMLinfoSecurity Assertion Markup Language
CASinfoJA-SIG Central Authentication Service
Facebook sign-on
GitHub sign-on
GitLab sign-on
Google sign-on
LinkedIn sign-on
Meteor sign-on
Twitter sign-on
Mobile push
RSS feeds
Desktop push
Mobile push
EmailDesktop push
Mobile push
Project Planning Properties
Hierarchical tasksinfoSupport for parent-child relationships of tasksyesyes
Recurring tasksinfoSupport for definition of tasks that occur repeatedlyyesyes
Milestone trackinginfoMilestones indicate the completion of major deliverables, normally by completing a set of tasksyesinfotask deadlinesyes
Task dependenciesinfoDependencies between tasks are logical relationships that restrict the sequence of task executions, e.g. one task must be completed before another task can startyesno
Critical path managementinfoThe critical path method calculates the set of tasks that cannot be delayed without increasing the project's duration, taking into account task dependenciesnono
Critical chain managementinfoThe critical chain method expands the critical path method by additionally taking resource constraints into accountnono
Gantt chartsinfoBar chart to visualize a project's tasks and milestones scheduleyesyes
PERT chartsinfoNetwork diagrams according to Program Evaluation Review Techniquenono
BaselinesinfoSupport for creating and using snapshots of a project's plan in terms of cost, scope and schedule nono
Resource managementinfoSupport for managing a project's human and/or non-human resourcesyesyes
Resource levelinginfoSupport for optimizing the allocation of a project's resourcesnono
Time trackinginfoSupport for estimating and monitoring the time spent on a project's tasksyesyes
Cost trackinginfoSupport for monitoring a project's expensesnoyes
Earned value managementinfoSupport for tracking a project's performance and progress via earned value measurementsnono
Risk managementinfoSupport for identifying and keeping track of project risks and risk-related activitiesnono
Scrum supportinfoSupport for typical Scrum techniques such as sprints, backlogs and burn-down chartsnono
Kanban supportinfoSupport for typical Kanban techniques such as visualization of tasks on boards using cardsnono
Project portfolio management infoSupport for collectively managing a set of current or proposed projects, e.g. by evaluation and prioritization of projectsnono
Project Collaboration Properties
Project wikiyesyesyesyesinfoshared notesno
Discussion forumyesinfoprivate and team conversationsyesyesyesinfoteam conversationsyesinfodiscussion threads
Online chatyesyesinfoavailable via add-onyesinfoIBM Sametimeyesyes
Audio conferencingyesyesinfoavailable via add-onyesinfoIBM Sametimeyesyes
Video conferencingyesyesinfoavailable via add-onsyesinfoIBM Sametimeyesyes
Screen sharingyesyesinfoavailable via add-onyesinfoIBM Sametimeyesyes
Calendar sharingyesyesyesyesno
Contact sharingyesyesyesnono
Document sharingyesyesyesyesyes
File versioningyesyesyesyesno
More information provided by the system vendor
Bitrix24eXo PlatformIBM NotesRedboothRocket.Chat

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Bitrix24eXo PlatformIBM NotesRedboothRocket.Chat
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