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Project Management Systems - Popularity Ranking Trend

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License statistics
Open SourceXexclude from selection  Commercial (2)  Web-based service (SaaS)Xexclude from selection 
Programming language statistics
PHP (1)  Python (1)  TCL (1) 
Operating systems statistics
AIX (1)  LinuxXexclude from selection  NetBSD (1)  OS XXexclude from selection  Solaris (1)  Windows (3) 
Mobile apps statistics
Android (1)  iOS (1) 
Authentication mechanism statistics
Password (3)  LDAP (2)  OpenID (1)  OTP (1)  Active Directory (1) 
Notifications statistics
Email (3) 
Web-based architecture (3)  APIXexclude from selection  Multi-user (3)  Hierarchical tasks (3)  Recurring tasks (1)  Milestone tracking (3)  Task dependencies (3)  Critical path management (2)  Gantt charts (3)  Baselines (1)  Resource management (2)  Time tracking (3)  Cost trackingXexclude from selection  Earned value management (2)  Risk management (2)  Scrum support (2)  Kanban support (2)  Project portfolio management (3)  Hierarchical issues (1)  Custom fields (2)  Custom workflows (2)  Project wiki (3)  Discussion forum (3)  Online chat (1)  Calendar sharing (3)  Contact sharingXexclude from selection  Document sharing (3)  File versioning (1) 

The Project Management Zone Ranking ranks project management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.
Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

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