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Project Management Systems - Popularity Ranking

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License statistics
Open Source (6)  Commercial (38)  Web-based service (SaaS)Xexclude from selection 
Programming language statistics
C# (2)  Groovy (1)  Java (10)  JavaScript (1)  PHP (1)  Python (2)  Ruby (5) 
Operating systems statistics
AIX (1)  FreeBSD (1)  HP-UX (1)  IBM i (1)  Linux (16)  OS X (7)  Solaris (4)  Unix (1)  Windows (20) 
Mobile apps statistics
AndroidXexclude from selection  BlackBerry (6)  iOS (123)  Windows Phone (6) 
Authentication mechanism statistics
Password (122)  Email verification (2)  Phone verification (4)  LDAP (24)  OpenID (2)  SAML (34)  JWT (1)  NTLM (1)  Kerberos (1)  CAS (3)  JAAS (1)  JOSSO (1)  OpenSSO (1)  HTTP authentication (1)  WS-Federation (1)  Active Directory (29)  Apple sign-on (1)  Facebook sign-on (22)  GitHub sign-on (7)  GitLab sign-on (1)  Google sign-on (59)  LinkedIn sign-on (8)  Meteor sign-on (1)  Microsoft sign-on (7)  PayPal sign-on (1)  Slack sign-on (1)  Trello sign-on (1)  Twitter sign-on (8)  Yahoo sign-on (3)  Citrix (1)  JumpCloud (1)  Okta (10)  OneLogin (10)  Ping Identity (3) 
Notifications statistics
Desktop push (46)  Email (113)  Instant messaging (3)  Mobile push (62)  RSS feeds (16)  SMS (7) 

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The Project Management Zone Ranking ranks project management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.
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116 Project Management Systems, Android, Web-based service (SaaS)
3.3.3.G Suite868.20-9.48-221.23
4.4.up 5.Trello859.41+5.82+83.57
5.5.down 4.Primavera836.09-11.30-88.77
6.6.up 7.Slack580.00+10.99+171.94
7.7.down 6.Asana522.47+3.27+51.05
8.8.up 9.Zoho337.35+2.49+51.71
9.up 10.up 10.Smartsheet311.87-0.44+28.12
10.down 9.down 8.Basecamp308.08-7.18-27.52
11.11.up 12.Wrike140.56+1.28+16.10
12.12.down 11.Yammer117.44-1.51-12.12
14.up 15.up 22.Monday.com75.84+5.53+45.03
15.down 14.down 14.Freshdesk72.45-2.39+5.62
17.17.down 15.Team Foundation Server50.98-1.10-12.73
19.19.19.Pivotal Tracker37.14+0.21-5.68
20.20.down 17.Jive33.99-0.99-13.78
22.up 23.up 25.Workplace from Facebook30.95+1.55+7.05
23.up 24.23.Assembla27.58-0.09+2.42
24.up 26.up 26.Bitrix2425.69+1.18+2.31
25.25.down 24.Rocket.Chat24.69-0.08-0.18
26.up 27.up 63.Toggl19.50+1.00+14.82
27.up 28.up 28.ProjectManager.com18.78+0.58+2.48
28.up 29.up 29.Remember The Milk17.32+0.26+1.45
29.up 30.down 27.LiquidPlanner16.49+0.31-1.39
30.up 32.up 43.ClickUp detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information available15.69+1.43+7.02
31.31.down 30.Teamwork.com15.30+0.73+1.06
32.up 33.down 31.eXo Platform13.71+0.36+0.75
33.up 34.up 38.ProofHub13.14+0.40+2.67
34.up 35.down 33.Intralinks VIA12.64+0.07+1.04
35.up 37.up 41.MeisterTask12.36+0.49+3.34
36.up 38.up 48.Kanbanize12.12+0.58+4.84
37.down 36.down 35.Targetprocess11.98-0.09+0.52
38.up 39.up 40.Taskworld11.65+0.28+2.52
39.up 40.39.Freedcamp11.58+0.24+1.61
40.up 41.down 34.Redbooth11.30+0.02-0.20
41.up 43.down 36.Toodledo11.28+0.11+0.37
42.42.down 32.LeanKit11.16-0.11-0.80
43.up 44.down 37.Quip10.68+0.32+0.10
44.up 45.up 45.Apptivo9.95+0.55+1.61
45.up 46.down 42.Nozbe9.88+0.51+1.18
46.up 47.46.YouTrack8.61+0.12+0.95
47.up 48.down 44.Projectplace8.08-0.10-0.59
48.up 50.down 47.Flowdock7.60+0.08+0.09
49.up 53.up 51.Igloo7.49+0.64+0.66
50.down 49.up 56.Convo7.48-0.46+1.89
51.51.down 49.Unfuddle7.24-0.13+0.29
52.up 54.up 57.Paymo7.00+0.36+1.69
53.down 52.53.Huddle6.93+0.04+0.30
54.up 55.54.OnlyOffice6.76+0.17+0.64
55.up 56.55.AceProject6.21+0.01+0.33
56.up 57.up 59.Nutcache6.20+0.14+1.05
57.up 63.up 67.Avaza5.98+0.56+2.03
58.up 60.58.FunctionFox5.91+0.48+0.74
59.down 58.down 52.iMeet Central5.78-0.02-1.00
60.down 59.down 50.Cisco Spark5.64-0.17-1.23
61.up 65.up 70.Backlog5.58+0.38+1.93
62.down 61.up 64.Yodiz5.53+0.10+1.10
63.up 66.up 66.Ryver5.50+0.39+1.51
64.64.down 62.MangoApps5.40+0.03+0.66
65.down 62.down 60.Accelo5.39-0.03+0.42
66.up 67.up 71.Favro4.68+0.16+1.13
67.up 68.down 65.Teambition4.53+0.03+0.14
68.up 69.up 72.ITM Platform4.32+0.26+0.86
69.up 73.69.Fleep4.29+0.42+0.63
71.up 74.up 74.Glip4.11+0.26+0.71
72.72.up 77.Zenkit4.10+0.20+1.00
73.down 70.up 86.Taskade4.06+0.05+1.65
74.down 71.up 84.Ganttic4.03+0.08+1.53
75.75.down 73.Wimi4.01+0.27+0.58
76.76.up 90.ProProfs Project3.71+0.04+1.47
77.up 78.down 76.TimeLog3.52+0.06+0.31
78.down 77.down 68.Comidor3.49-0.07-0.27
79.up 80.up 89.nTask3.49+0.28+1.15
80.up 83.down 75.Kanban Tool3.27+0.11+0.02
81.down 79.down 80.VivifyScrum3.27+0.02+0.26
82.down 81.down 79.Hitask3.25+0.05+0.19
83.down 82.down 82.Flow3.16-0.01+0.43
84.up 88.up 98.Hive3.04+0.23+1.16
85.down 84.up 94.Taskulu3.01-0.01+0.97
86.down 85.down 78.InLoox2.990.00-0.07
87.down 86.down 81.Flock2.97+0.06+0.15
88.up 90.up 95.Zulip2.87+0.18+0.83
89.down 87.down 83.KeyedIn Projects2.84+0.00+0.17
90.down 89.up 91.Airbrake2.84+0.12+0.66
91.up 92.up 97.Brosix2.60+0.09+0.66
92.down 91.down 87.Samepage2.59+0.05+0.23
93.93.up 99.Clinked2.53+0.11+0.69
94.up 95.down 92.DevSuite2.17+0.01+0.03
95.down 94.up 103.Twist2.170.00+0.84
96.96.down 93.Sprintly1.95-0.09-0.14
97.97.down 96.Agilefant1.88-0.01-0.09
98.98.up 100.ZilicusPM1.86+0.06+0.03
99.up 100.up 101.Binfire1.85+0.07+0.11
100.down 99.down 85.Kanbanery1.83+0.04-0.64
101.101.up 110.Tasks in a Box1.78+0.05+0.95
102.102.up 105.SquidHub1.57-0.03+0.37
103.103.up 107.SmartTask1.51-0.02+0.48
104.104.down 102.Solo1.44+0.05-0.06
105.up 106.down 104.Twoodo1.08+0.06-0.23
106.down 105.106.Zinc1.080.00-0.04
107.up 108.up 109.Xamun0.97-0.01+0.06
108.down 107.108.Gemini Tracker0.96-0.06-0.01
109.109.up 111.Tribe Social0.84-0.02+0.09
110.110.up 112.Grape0.63-0.01-0.01
111.111.up 114.ClientSpot0.57+0.04+0.05
112.112.up 115.Genius Project0.51-0.01+0.00

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