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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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Multiple Workflows on One Kanban board? Now It Is Possible!
kanbanize.com      submitted 11 months ago
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How Interactive Technology is Revolutionizing Workplace Collaboration
eweek.com      submitted 10 months ago
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How to Plan a Project? Try 2-Step Planning with Kanban
kanbanize.com      submitted 8 months ago
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Defeating Project Management Issues without Fighting Them
kanbanize.com      submitted 4 months ago
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Lessons from a Successful Large-Scale Agile Transition
devops.com      submitted 12 months ago
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10 Powerful Team Communication Tools of 2019 (Features, Pricing & Ease of Use)
thriveglobal.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Best Open Source Tools for Staying on Top of Projects
linuxinsider.com      submitted 12 months ago
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The 5 Most Popular Project Management Approaches That Work
learn.g2crowd.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Top 30 Free Project Management Software Solutions to Get Things Done
business2community.com      submitted 12 months ago
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13 Kanban Project Management Tools That Make the Short List
cmswire.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Prove Your Worth: 8 Creative Team Metrics You Need to Track
business2community.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Innocent project management mistakes that could doom your business
e27.co      submitted 12 months ago
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Three reasons you're not seeing results from agile
cio.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Slack integration with Office 365 one more step toward total enterprise integration
techcrunch.com      submitted 12 months ago
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The Pros and Cons of Project Management Software
entrepreneur.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Teams for firstline workers: collaboration tools for workers, everywhere
techrepublic.com      submitted 12 months ago
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4 ways to improve big data project management
techrepublic.com      submitted 11 months ago
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10 Tips for Managing Remote Teams
business2community.com      submitted 11 months ago
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What is project portfolio management? Aligning projects to business goals
itworld.com      submitted 11 months ago
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The 3 pillars of successful collaboration in the workplace
searchunifiedcommunications.techtarget.com      submitted 11 months ago
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5 Project Management Styles to Motivate Your Team Members
learn.g2crowd.com      submitted 11 months ago
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IT Pro Panel: Why collaboration platforms are so hard to deploy
itpro.co.uk      submitted 11 months ago
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Slack builds an enterprise beachhead in digital teamwork
diginomica.com      submitted 11 months ago
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What's the secret behind a successful project: Project managers or project processes?
techrepublic.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Nine Out-Of-The-Box Project Management Tips For Tech Teams
forbes.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Top Vendors for Project Management Software Tools
eweek.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Time Management: How to Work More Productively with Timeboxing
inloox.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Wasting Too Much Time In Meetings? Try Hallway Huddles Instead
forbes.com      submitted 11 months ago
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How to Keep Remote Teams Organized and Communicating
business.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Ease conflicts with software engineering project management
searchsoftwarequality.techtarget.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Why do you Need a Visual Management Board
kanbanize.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Kanban vs. Gantt Charts: Which is Best for Your Team?
cmswire.com      submitted 10 months ago
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How to use Trello like a boss
wired.co.uk      submitted 10 months ago
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How to stop hating Jira
infoworld.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Team Development in the Era of Slack
knowledge.insead.edu      submitted 10 months ago
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How Digital Technology Can Support Teamwork and Collaboration
business2community.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Can Slack kill email – or is it a whole new source of stress?
telegraph.co.uk      submitted 10 months ago
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4 ways to gain more project management experience
techrepublic.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Unlocking the Potential of Earned Value Management
supplychainbrain.com      submitted 10 months ago
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How Kanban is Driving Agile Project Management
business2community.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Kanban Timelines: The Next Generation Gantt Chart
kanbanize.com      submitted 10 months ago
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Study from Project Management Institute Identifies Six AI Technologies Impacting Project Professionals
finance.yahoo.com      submitted 9 months ago
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4 Ways to Improve Project Management In Your Small Business
smallbiztrends.com      submitted 9 months ago
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5 Trends that are Reshaping the Future of Project Management
techzone360.com      submitted 9 months ago
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Slack Wants to Replace Email. Is That What We Want?
nytimes.com      submitted 9 months ago
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Slack or Teams? Many businesses opt for both
computerworld.com      submitted 9 months ago
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What Slack’s competitors are trying to fix about the workplace software
vox.com      submitted 9 months ago
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How Team Management Tools Replaced Project Management Tools
siliconindia.com      submitted 9 months ago
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Digital communication tools leave many workers feeling squeezed out by tech-savvy colleagues
socpub.com      submitted 9 months ago
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How To Get Your Team To Collaborate With Your Project Management Tool
softwareadvice.com      submitted 9 months ago

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