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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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What is a Task Board and How to Make The Most of It
kanbanize.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Office 365 Versus G Suite: Which Cloud Service is Best for Business?
tomshardware.com      submitted 10 months ago
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The future of project management technology
betanews.com      submitted 8 months ago
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Why A Third Of Enterprise Projects Fail – And The Tools That Can Spell Success
forbes.com      submitted 8 months ago
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How Do You Solve The Enterprise Collaboration Confusion
cxotoday.com      submitted 8 months ago
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Microsoft to become the Facebook of enterprise collaborative chat
techradar.com      submitted 8 months ago
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​4 in-demand project management skills for 2019
techrepublic.com      submitted 8 months ago
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Project Management Has Changed. Have You?
industryweek.com      submitted 8 months ago
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How The Role Of A Project Manager Is Being Rewritten In The AI Era
analyticsindiamag.com      submitted 8 months ago
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Teams vs Yammer – Comparing Microsoft’s Collaboration Apps
uctoday.com      submitted 8 months ago
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Trello is the Project Management System of the Year for the third year in a row
project-management.zone      submitted 7 months ago
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Working With Remote Teams? Here's How You Can Grow A Positive Company Culture
forbes.com      submitted 7 months ago
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AI for project management makes projects more strategic
searchenterpriseai.techtarget.com      submitted 7 months ago
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6 Management Mistakes to Avert with Lean
kanbanize.com      submitted 7 months ago
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How to select the best project management methodology for your IT business
itproportal.com      submitted 7 months ago
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Multiple Workflows on One Kanban board? Now It Is Possible!
kanbanize.com      submitted 4 months ago
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How Interactive Technology is Revolutionizing Workplace Collaboration
eweek.com      submitted 3 months ago
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How to Plan a Project? Try 2-Step Planning with Kanban
kanbanize.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Platforms like Slack can help protect your interoffice communications
eu.azcentral.com      submitted 12 months ago
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The Kanban Roles You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
kanbanize.com      submitted 12 months ago
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8 Project Proposal Essentials to Get Manager Buy-In (with Free Template)
plan.io      submitted 12 months ago
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11 Ways To Improve Cross-Office Collaboration
targetprocess.com      submitted 12 months ago
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8 Free Project Management Software for Small Teams
promotionworld.com      submitted 12 months ago
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10 Ways Technology Has Changed Team Communication
forbes.com      submitted 12 months ago
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3 Tips to Manage Employees Working Outside HQs
entrepreneur.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Teams vs. Slack: Why Microsoft Will Win the Collaboration Wars
cmswire.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Three-Step Conflict Resolution For Project Managers
forbes.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Finally, a team management tool everyone will enjoy using
cultofmac.com      submitted 12 months ago
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Wrike review: Project management made simple
cio.com      submitted 12 months ago
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17 Bug and Issue Tracking Apps for Developers
mashable.com      submitted 12 months ago
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3 Science-Backed Benefits of Visual Management
targetprocess.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Inefficient Collaboration Tools Hindering Project Management Teams
eweek.com      submitted 11 months ago
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It's Time to Welcome the Social Office
entrepreneur.com      submitted 11 months ago
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9 Steps to Write a Scope of Work (SOW) for Any Project and Industry
plan.io      submitted 11 months ago
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How to Identify the Collaboration Tools Right for You
nojitter.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Portfolio Kanban and The Strategy Kernel
kanbanize.com      submitted 11 months ago
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​Project manager jobs: What employers are really looking for
zdnet.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Prioritization Matrix Use in Program/Project Management
qualitymag.com      submitted 11 months ago
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How to Balance Between Resource Efficiency & Flow Efficiency
kanbanize.com      submitted 11 months ago
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5 Practical Software Development Metrics Every Agile Leader Needs
targetprocess.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Project Management Software to Keep Up With Thriving Business Economy
digitaljournal.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Achieving Greater Agility - Your Way to Being an Agile Organization
inloox.com      submitted 11 months ago
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What Are The Benefits of Team Management Software?
interestingengineering.com      submitted 11 months ago
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3 Signs Your Sustainable Pace is Killing Your Developers
targetprocess.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Business Choice Awards 2018: Project Management and Online Collaboration Tools
pcmag.com      submitted 11 months ago
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How to Find Flaws in the Resource Management Process
ganttic.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Navigating the Choices in Collaboration Software
itbusinessedge.com      submitted 11 months ago
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Become A Better Delegator With These Tech Project Management Tips
forbes.com      submitted 11 months ago
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5 Tips That Will Get Your Project Off To a Great Start
business2community.com      submitted 11 months ago
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How to Manage All of Your Project Management Tools
redbooth.com      submitted 11 months ago

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