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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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Agile vs Agility: How to Be Truly Adaptable to Changes?
kanbanize.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Visualize your weekly goals and daily goals with monday.com board views
monday.com      submitted 4 days ago
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Mind Mapping: 5 Hands-on Tips for the Popular Visualization Technique
inloox.com      submitted 2 days ago
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Removal of Webhook plugin
targetprocess.com      submitted 2 days ago
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Social loafing and how to uproot it from your team
monday.com      submitted 2 days ago
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Your ultimate guide to project management resources
monday.com      submitted 1 day ago
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Program management vs project management: the complete guide
monday.com      submitted 52 minutes ago

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