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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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Trello gets 13 new enterprise features to improve team security, productivity
techrepublic.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Importance of a Project Management Certification for IT professionals
baltimorepostexaminer.com      submitted 5 days ago
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5 Reasons to Move to a Decentralized Collaboration Model
it.toolbox.com      submitted 4 days ago
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Whither project managers? AI will take 80 percent project management tasks, says Gartner
zdnet.com      submitted 4 days ago
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eWEEK's Top Vendors: Project Management/Collaboration Tools
eweek.com      submitted 3 days ago
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3 ways businesses can help project managers succeed
techrepublic.com      submitted 3 days ago
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Power to the People: The Rise of Team Collaboration
uctoday.com      submitted 2 days ago
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Best Team Collaboration Tools & Software 2019
itbusinessedge.com      submitted 7 days ago
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Improve the Resource Planning Process & Spend Less Time on Email
ganttic.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Video Tutorial: Task Management with Kanban in InLoox 10 Web App
inloox.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Trello aims for the enterprise
techcrunch.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Google Drive's AI-driven Priority page is rolling out to G Suite accounts
androidpolice.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Atlassian sticks to what it knows, acquires AgileCraft
ciodive.com      submitted 4 days ago
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Accelo Introduces Adaptive Project Management platform for Service Businesses
cioapplications.com      submitted 3 days ago
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Microsoft Teams Getting Multiple New Capabilities in Its Second Year
redmondmag.com      submitted 3 days ago
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Smartsheet Emerging As A Leader In Collaboration Software
forbes.com      submitted 2 days ago

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