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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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How to Write Better Meeting Notes in 5 Steps (With Free Meeting Notes Template!)
plan.io      submitted 1 day ago
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Using Resource Planning Views to Better Manage Large Workforces 
ganttic.com      submitted 2 days ago
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Traditional or Agile? - 10 Questions to Find Out Which PM Method Is Right for Your Project
inloox.com      submitted 8 days ago
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Task List Template – New Feature Update!
redbooth.com      submitted 15 days ago
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The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020
plan.io      submitted 15 days ago
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What The Future Workplace Looks Like
paymoapp.com      submitted 15 days ago
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Targetprocess v3.13.17: Search for ED entities, Batch actions panel improvements, Convert more types of items, Editable custom units in list views
targetprocess.com      submitted 15 days ago
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The Best Tools for Virtual Teams 2020
ganttic.com      submitted 15 days ago
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Level Up Your Email-Management: 3 Simple Methods to Answer Your Emails Quickly and Precisely
inloox.com      submitted 16 days ago
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Estimation Tool Improvements
targetprocess.com      submitted 21 days ago
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5 Reasons to Stop Using Excel for Virtual Team Project Management
ganttic.com      submitted 23 days ago
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Questions and Answers about Scaling Agile
targetprocess.com      submitted 25 days ago
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The Ultimate Redmine Guide: How to set up and supercharge the best open source project management tool
plan.io      submitted 28 days ago
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Patent Hackathon: Let’s make our patent process faster!
monday.com      submitted 29 days ago
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Back to Basics (Part 12): What You Need to Create a Meaningful Project Status Report
inloox.com      submitted 30 days ago
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How to Manage Virtual Teams: Best Practices
ganttic.com      submitted 30 days ago
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The First Ever Virtual SAFe Summit: Key Takeaways
targetprocess.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Paymo Testimonials’ Campaign Winners
paymoapp.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Management Basics: What is the Difference Between Efficiency and Effectiveness?
inloox.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Visual Reports: Pie Charts
targetprocess.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Asynchronous Isn’t Wrong: How to Encourage Communication for Your Sales Team  
paymoapp.com      submitted 1 month ago
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How to Schedule a Vacation in Ganttic
ganttic.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Good Project Manager Vs. Bad Project Manager
forbes.com      submitted 1 month ago
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The 7 Tools That Every Remote Team Needs
forbes.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Team Collaboration Round Table 2020
uctoday.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Project Management Software Users Love Reporting Features, But Need Training Materials: SoftwareReviews
prweb.com      submitted 1 month ago
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How to Delegate Tasks Effectively With 7 Proven Tips
business2community.com      submitted 1 month ago
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6 Technologies That Have Revolutionized Project Management
feedsportal.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Odoo Community is most favored among NGOs because of its Open Source Nature
openpr.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Asana for Microsoft Teams lets you turn chats into action items
engadget.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Wrike Collaborate 2020 Goes Virtual to Set New Standard for Remote Collaboration Events
businesswire.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Top business communication apps for remote work productivity
indianceo.in      submitted 1 month ago
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The 30 Percent Rule and the Art of Early Feedback
lifehacker.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Virus lockdown increases demand for a secure, online project management tool for teams using Office 365
einnews.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Asana now available for Microsoft Teams
techau.com.au      submitted 1 month ago
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15 Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams (That Aren’t Slack)
allbusiness.com      submitted 1 month ago
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35+ Tools for Collaborating Online
vrfocus.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Ultimate Guide to Cross-Functional Teams
plan.io      submitted 1 month ago
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New InLoox Integration: Visualize Your Projects With the New Interface to Microsoft Power BI
inloox.com      submitted 1 month ago
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2020: How Project Management Trends Have Changed
paymoapp.com      submitted 1 month ago
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Working Remotely Has Never Been Easier
redbooth.com      submitted 2 months ago
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Extending Jira Software to support SAFe
targetprocess.com      submitted 2 months ago
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Marketplace Spotlight: Competitors App
paymoapp.com      submitted 2 months ago
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Virtual teams: the comprehensive guide to leading with technology
ganttic.com      submitted 2 months ago
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Targetprocess v3.13.16: Detailed view customization (Beta), Visual Reports improvements, Custom quick filters improvements, Сhanged settings for process practices
targetprocess.com      submitted 2 months ago
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Customer Offboarding: 5 Powerful Ways to Turn Customer Churn into Opportunities to Learn
plan.io      submitted 2 months ago
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KeyedIn Launches New Version of KeyedIn Projects that Supports PMOs and ePMOs through Changing Business Priorities
globenewswire.com      submitted 2 months ago
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MindManager for Mac 13: Why remote workers will especially like the app's new features
techrepublic.com      submitted 2 months ago
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Slack and AWS Deepen Their Partnership, Bringing New Video Capabilities to Slack
cmswire.com      submitted 2 months ago
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3 Tips for Project Management Emails
softwareadvice.com      submitted 2 months ago

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