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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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How Digital Technology Can Support Teamwork and Collaboration
business2community.com      submitted 25 days ago
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Can Slack kill email – or is it a whole new source of stress?
telegraph.co.uk      submitted 24 days ago
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4 ways to gain more project management experience
techrepublic.com      submitted 24 days ago
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Unlocking the Potential of Earned Value Management
supplychainbrain.com      submitted 17 days ago
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How Kanban is Driving Agile Project Management
business2community.com      submitted 17 days ago
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Kanban Timelines: The Next Generation Gantt Chart
kanbanize.com      submitted 15 days ago
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Study from Project Management Institute Identifies Six AI Technologies Impacting Project Professionals
finance.yahoo.com      submitted 5 days ago
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4 Ways to Improve Project Management In Your Small Business
smallbiztrends.com      submitted 5 days ago
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5 Trends that are Reshaping the Future of Project Management
techzone360.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Slack Wants to Replace Email. Is That What We Want?
nytimes.com      submitted 5 days ago
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How Creatives Can Get More Inventive About Project Management
paymoapp.com      submitted 29 days ago
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Top 5 Google Tasks Alternatives for Android and iOS
guidingtech.com      submitted 28 days ago
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3 reasons to choose a career in project management
techrepublic.com      submitted 28 days ago
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The black hole image is a true testament to teamwork, and we’ve got 4 tips for you!
monday.com      submitted 28 days ago
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Busting the Myth: Your Kanban Board is not a Kanban System
kanbanize.com      submitted 27 days ago
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Planview Recognized as a Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management
finance.yahoo.com      submitted 26 days ago
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Ten Years and Nearly a Billion Dollars: How Project Management Made a Massive X-Ray Light Source Possible
newswise.com      submitted 25 days ago
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13 Expert-Recommended Ways To Automate Your Tech Team's Workflow
forbes.com      submitted 20 days ago
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Clear Flow Matrix Introduces Construction Scheduling Software that Delivers Powerful Scheduling and Resource Management Tools
news.thomasnet.com      submitted 20 days ago
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Jetbuilt Releases Complete Project Management Functionality for InfoComm 2019
avnetwork.com      submitted 20 days ago
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Cutting employees some Slack: The rise of messaging apps in retail
computerweekly.com      submitted 20 days ago
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Planisware Named a Leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management
finance.yahoo.com      submitted 20 days ago
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The black hole image: A true testament to teamwork
monday.com      submitted 20 days ago
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How to Prioritize Daily Personal Tasks Using the 1-2-3 Method
inloox.com      submitted 20 days ago
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What is a Help Desk? 7 Ways a Help Desk Can Improve Customer Retention
plan.io      submitted 19 days ago
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Monday.com vs Trello: a Kanban Fight for 2019
cloudwards.net      submitted 17 days ago
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How to Define and Develop Your Project Workflows
business2community.com      submitted 17 days ago
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Manage it right: Top project management tools for any business
techgenix.com      submitted 17 days ago
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Free and Open Source Trello Alternative OpenProject 9 Released
itsfoss.com      submitted 17 days ago
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Top 50 apps like Slack in 2019 - Microsoft, Cisco and many, many more
dispatch.m.io      submitted 16 days ago
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5 open source groupware suites to watch
itworld.com      submitted 15 days ago
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Wrike vs Basecamp: Two Big Names Trade Blows in 2019
cloudwards.net      submitted 15 days ago
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How AMZ Advisers Used Paymo to Increase Their Project Volume by 33% In Just A Quarter
paymoapp.com      submitted 13 days ago
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How to Unlock Marketing Agility with Consistent Processes
kanbanize.com      submitted 13 days ago
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Paymo – One of the Best Project Management Software Companies in EMEA
paymoapp.com      submitted 12 days ago
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How to work smarter and avoid burnout
monday.com      submitted 12 days ago
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Microsoft: how to work smarter and grow your project management skills
telegraph.co.uk      submitted 12 days ago
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How to Use a Kanban Board in 2019: Getting Stuff Done
cloudwards.net      submitted 12 days ago
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Team Collaboration: Moving from Implementation to Success | Insight for the Connected Enterprise
nojitter.com      submitted 12 days ago
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First-of-its-Kind Time Management Software Gives Managers Unprecedented Anytime, Anywhere Tracking Capabilities
finance.yahoo.com      submitted 12 days ago
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Targetprocess v.3.13.7: Touch Screen Support added in Targetprocess
targetprocess.com      submitted 11 days ago
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What Hobbies Can Tell You About Project Management
qualitydigest.com      submitted 11 days ago
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First look: The new Dropbox
fastcompany.com      submitted 11 days ago
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Workfront - Modern Work, Modern Markets
enterpriseirregulars.com      submitted 11 days ago
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How to Use a Gantt Chart: A Beginner's Guide for 2019
cloudwards.net      submitted 11 days ago
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Best Project Management Software 2019
tech.co      submitted 9 days ago
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Mindmapping with InLoox: 7 Mind Maps for Project Management
inloox.com      submitted 7 days ago
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Dropbox overhauls desktop app to reforge itself as a digital workplace provider
cloudpro.co.uk      submitted 5 days ago
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KeyedIn Recognized by Gartner in 2019 Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)
finance.yahoo.com      submitted 5 days ago
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Microsoft's To-Do app is now available for Mac
engadget.com      submitted 5 days ago

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