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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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Sprint planning: A step-by-step guide
monday.com      submitted 25 days ago
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CI/CD Integrations Improvements
targetprocess.com      submitted 25 days ago
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An Inside Look at Our Captain’s Log: New Feature Updates #2
monday.com      submitted 24 days ago
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Because Great People Follow a Vision, Not a Path. [Behind the Scenes of Kanbanize’s Rebranding]
kanbanize.com      submitted 23 days ago
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When is growth not the best choice? Why we chose to build Planio as a sustainable business instead of drowning in VC dollars
plan.io      submitted 20 days ago
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Supporting Our Customers and Helping Others During the Spread of COVID-19 
monday.com      submitted 20 days ago
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Visual Tables: Groups and pinned columns
targetprocess.com      submitted 18 days ago
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Tips for project managers: How to choose the right team members for your project
inloox.com      submitted 18 days ago
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Team Communication And Customer Relations – Is There A Connection?
paymoapp.com      submitted 18 days ago
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Ganttic API Update Part 1: Beginner's Guide to API
ganttic.com      submitted 18 days ago
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5 Tools You Need to be Remote-Work-Ready
monday.com      submitted 18 days ago
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New Feature Updates: Check Out Our New Zoom Integration!
monday.com      submitted 17 days ago
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Targetprocess business continuity and resilience.
targetprocess.com      submitted 16 days ago
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The Best Tools for Remote Teams 2020
ganttic.com      submitted 12 days ago
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Kanban Best Practices: Going From Zero to Hero
kanbanize.com      submitted 12 days ago
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Remote Work: 6 Common Mistakes You Really Should Avoid to Stay Productive (Part 1)
inloox.com      submitted 10 days ago
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New Feature Updates: Remote Work Edition
monday.com      submitted 10 days ago
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Targetprocess v.3.13.14: Batch selection of rows in Lists, New Settings for Roles in Assignments, Multiple enhancements of Visual reports and Visual Tables
targetprocess.com      submitted 9 days ago
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How To Use Visuals To Manage Projects, Teams, And Financials In One Place
paymoapp.com      submitted 9 days ago
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The Essential Guide to Writing a Project Communication Plan: What It Is and Why You (Actually) Need One
plan.io      submitted 9 days ago
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Lean Culture – The Key to Lean Operations
kanbanize.com      submitted 5 days ago
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The 8 Benefits of Remote Working and How Software Can Help
ganttic.com      submitted 4 days ago
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Remote Work: 6 Common Mistakes You Really Should Avoid to Stay Productive (Part 2)
inloox.com      submitted 4 days ago
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Captain’s Log: New Feature Updates for Fun, Time-savings, and More
monday.com      submitted 3 days ago
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Remote PI Planning with the help of Targetprocess
targetprocess.com      submitted 3 days ago
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Remote Work: 6 Common Mistakes You Really Should Avoid to Stay Productive (Part 3)
inloox.com      submitted 2 days ago

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