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The Project Management Zone collects links to interesting project management news from the providers of the project management systems we cover here and from other sources.

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The Rise of Kanban in a Scrum World
kanbanize.com      submitted 5 years ago
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How millennials are changing project management
techrepublic.com      submitted 6 years ago
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How to pick the best requirements management tool
cio.com      submitted 7 years ago
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The Quest for a Project Management Tool
dzone.com      submitted 6 years ago
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15 Best Project Management Tools to Improve Efficiency and Productivity
apexgloballearning.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Guerilla Project Management—Moving From Controller to Helper
td.org      submitted 5 years ago
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5 Types Of Office Collaboration Tools: Which Is Right For Your Team?
forbes.com      submitted 5 years ago
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Best Agile Method For Your Team: Scrum Vs. Kanban
informationweek.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Making collaboration technologies work for your business
itproportal.com      submitted 7 years ago
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PMI explains how good project management means knowing when to let go
europeanceo.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Collaborative problems: We're not all social networkers
thenextweb.com      submitted 7 years ago
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6 tips to identify project management red flags
cio.com      submitted 7 years ago
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8 project management skills in high demand
cio.com      submitted 7 years ago
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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Remote Workers are Productive and Happy
wrike.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Gartner reveals seven best practises for effective project management
information-age.com      submitted 7 years ago
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More than half of IT projects still failing
cio.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Why Project Management Resources Are So Tight
channelinsider.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Kanban boards convert projects from circus to symphony
tennessean.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Importance of soft skills in project management
uk.blastingnews.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Exploring today's top bug tracking software
searchsoftwarequality.techtarget.com      submitted 6 years ago
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10 Common Project Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
inloox.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Understanding the 5 Different Leadership Styles
wrike.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Simple Steps to the Perfect Project Kickoff
actitime.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Why “Respect for people” Is the Secret Ingredient of Successful Teams
kanbanize.com      submitted 5 years ago
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Why Project Management Has Become a Core Tech Job
newswire.net      submitted 7 years ago
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What Slack is doing to our offices—and our minds
arstechnica.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Collaboration Tools of the Most Productive Remote Teams
entrepreneur.com      submitted 7 years ago
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App Virality Hacks: How Trello and Asana Grew to Millions of Users
business2community.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Three reasons to run your business online
economictimes.indiatimes.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Kanban Boards: the Psychology of Cards
plan.io      submitted 7 years ago
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Flinging Slack at them won't get team talking – senior Etsy engineer
theregister.co.uk      submitted 7 years ago
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Successfully Managing a Project Team in a Matrix Environment
itbusinessedge.com      submitted 7 years ago
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The tech helping us work together wherever we are
bbc.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Free is Best and 7 Other Enterprise Collaboration Trends
cmswire.com      submitted 7 years ago
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6 Challenges to Team Collaboration
wrike.com      submitted 7 years ago
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Project Managers
opencredo.com      submitted 7 years ago
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How Remote Teams Can Create a Culture of Accountability
sitepoint.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Choosing Project Management Software
businessnewsdaily.com      submitted 7 years ago
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Comparing traditional collaboration platforms with new alternatives
searchcontentmanagement.techtarget.com      submitted 6 years ago
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How Basecamp Defined a Movement
pcmag.com      submitted 6 years ago
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6 ways to destroy your project management career
techrepublic.com      submitted 6 years ago
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The human dimension of digital collaboration
diginomica.com      submitted 6 years ago
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How to handle tight deadlines and maintain high standards of work
brightpod.com      submitted 6 years ago
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5 Collaboration Tools Essential for Startups
business2community.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Making Projects pay off by Bringing Them in Under Control
elp.com      submitted 6 years ago
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To avoid IT project management failure, strip rank of its privileges
cio.com      submitted 6 years ago
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Email is dead? The trouble with collaboration tech
infoworld.com      submitted 6 years ago
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12 project management tools worth a look
cio.com      submitted 6 years ago
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How to successfully manage creative projects
thenextweb.com      submitted 6 years ago
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These applications will help you manage your virtual teams in all situations
yourstory.com      submitted 6 years ago

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