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JIRA overtakes Primavera as the most popular issue management tool

by Matthias Gelbmann, 1 June 2017
Tags: JIRA

Our issue management tool popularity ranking ranks systems by using a number of metrics and combining them into a popularity score, where JIRA has the highest score now.

JIRA and Primavera are two of the heavy weights in the project management systems scene, often used for large or complex projects. While everyone seems to talk about agile, light weight tools nowadays, our popularity ranking shows that more comprehensive tools are still needed, and certainly will always be needed.

In the last two years, JIRA saw a steady increase in popularity, also resulting in a second place in our Project Management System of the Year award in 2016, behind Trello. In the same time, Primavera lost some of its popularity score.

Although JIRA is best known for its issue management capabilities, considering that Atlassian, the company behind JIRA, lists well over 1000 JIRA add-ons in its marketplace, it feels much more like a project management platform than a simple bug tracker. Actually, we also include JIRA in our project planning tool ranking, where it is second now, only behind Microsoft Project.

Congratulations to Atlassian for that enormous success. I would not be surprised if we see some consolidation in the near future in Atlassian's project management portfolio, which includes also Confluence, HipChat, and since the beginning of the year, Trello. We look forward seeing what impact that has on the popularity of these tools.

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