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Method of calculating the scores of the
Project Management Zone Ranking

The Project Management Zone Ranking is a list of project management systemsranked by their current popularity. We measure the popularity of a system by using the following parameters:

We calculate the popularity value of a system by standardizing and averaging of the individual parameters. These mathematical transformations are made in a way ​​so that the distance of the individual systems is preserved. That means, when system A has twice as large a value in the Project Management Zone Ranking as system B, then it is twice as popular when averaged over the individual evaluation criteria.

The Project Management Zone Ranking does not measure the number of installations of the systems, or their use within companies.

We spent a considerable amount of effort to optimize our method of measuring popularity. We are able to combine data sources with very different statistical properties in a way that makes all significant trends visible in a well-balanced overall score. We can handle missing and erroneous data, we can deal with spikes and fluctuations. Data collection is done automatically to a large extend.

Very notable organizations have licensed our ranking technology to apply it in their own domain, and so can you. Contact us if you want to know more about options to use our well-tried and proven methods for your own business.

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